TycoonMogul is a Tycoon style bot taking inspiration from JobsBot & IdleRPG.

About TycoonMogul

TycoonMogul is a tycoon style bot taking inspiration from IdleRPG and Jobsbot. TycoonMogul starts with the user simply creating their tycoon, & and starts the money generation. After that, you must simply wait for the money to generate, then use it to increase your tycoon’s level in order to make more money and find achievements along the way. Achievements are a huge part of the bot, and getting achievements awards different amounts of money for difficulty in getting it, which ranges from Easy to Extreme. TycoonMogul also allows you to create an alliance to join up with your friends and in the future will allow for money boosting and helping everyone out!

Voting Rewards

Voting on what DBL considers a weekend will give you $2,000 & 2,000XP, while voting on what DBL considers a weekday will gives you $1,000 & 1,000XP. Both of these amounts will give you a nice headstart, and the more you vote, the better your wallet will look!

Other Features

Alliances: Create or join an alliance to rally up with your friends! Marry: Get married to another user! Daily: A daily command that gives you a free hundred dollars for every level you are in the bot! Gambling: Enjoy the thrill of gambling? You can bet your money on a coinflip. Achievements: Can you earn them all?


Alliance Members command. Alliance Benefits.

Frequent updates will be had in the future! Join the support server for bonuses, giveaways, and more! A full list of commands with aliases can be found on our website: https://coopdevs.com/tminfo.html