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Half-baked utility bot that can track messages and playtime, has karma, warnings, birthday and todo systems, faulty Warframe worldstate

This bot was initially made to make my Warframe clan leader work easier, but I added a few features that would be interesting to other server owners too.

The prefix is cb . Or c!. Or any of these: C!, c1, C1.

You can request the commands list with cb help, but it would be inaccurate right now. I'm actively working on it.

Commands that work everywhere

cb top <optional number 1-30, default 10> games <server or personal> <optional time period, default alltime> - Shows the most played games on your server within given time range

cb t 30 g s - short variant

cb top <optional number 1-30, default 10> players <optional game name> <optional time period> - Shows members by most played time for the specified game or for all games

cb t p Warframe - short variant

Time period format: day, today, yesterday, week, month, year, alltime (default) OR range in format:

01/08/2019 - exact day

-01/08/2019 - before that day

01/08/2019- - after that day

01/08/2019-01/09/2019 - time range

Also it logs all messages it sees, so in time you'll be able to get info from these commands. Let the bot see as many channels as possible to make it more accurate.

cb top <optional number 1-30, default 10> activity <optional time period> - Shows the members who posted the most in the time period, month by default

cb t a - short variant

cb postcount <optional member> - Shows your or member's total postcount (starting from the moment the bot joined your server)

cb pc - short variant

cb postcountmonth <optional member> - Shows your or member's last month postcount (starting from the moment bot joined your server)

cb pcm - short variant

cb monthlyactivity <member=you> - Shows you a plot with postcounts per month for the last year or since the bot joined the server

cb ma - short variant

Karma system

You can set up a karma system on your server - some emoji reactions will add karma and some will reduce it.

cb karma <optional member> - Shows your or member's current karma stats

cb karmapositive <emoji> - Sets up the emoji as a positive reaction. You can only set one emoji as positive.

cb kp - short variant

cb karmanegative <emoji> - Sets up the emoji as a negative reaction. You can only set one emoji as negative.

cb kn - short variant

cb karmalogging <optional channel> - Sets up the specified or current channel as karma logging channel. All karma actions will be logged in there.

cb kl - short variant

Warframe worldstate tracker

I don't like Genesis with its spam, so I made Cakebot update the same messages instead of sending new ones.

cb setwftracker <optional channel> - Sets up warframe tracker in current or selected channel.

User info

You can bind your info to the bot database if you want, it will be used to fill the cb info command about you. Birthday is also used for notifications (no pings, don't worry).

cb bind pcwfign <ign> - adds your Warfrme in-game name to the database

cb bind birthday <dd/mm/yyyy> - adds your birthday to the database

cb bind steam <steam profile link> - adds your steam to the database

cb bind country <country> - adds your country to the database. Use either the official name or 2-3 letter format.


You can set up a birthday feed channel on your server. The bot sends a message to the said channel if someone has a birthday today.

cb birthdayfeed <channel> - set the specified channel for birthday feed. Birthdays are set with cb bind birthday <dd/mm/yyyy>. To turn it off pass "off" instead of channel.

cb birthdays - shows the last and next birthdays for the current server, if there is any info about members.


Once some of your members bound their countries with cb bind command, you can get info from these commands:

cb top|c <n=10> countries|c - Shows you the top-n countries by their member count for this server.

cb citizens|livesin|li <country> - Shows you up to 50 members that live in the specified country. Use the same official name or 2-3 letter codes as in cb bind.

Misc commands

These are pretty raw.

cb oracle|o <question>? - ask something. The bot can't reply to what and where questions yet. Why replies are also poor.

cb info|i <member=you> - shows known info about the user.


Don't mind the light theme, I use it so my screen doesn't look too suspicious at work.

cb warning <member> <reason> - adds the warning to the member. The reason is mandatory, but must be less than 100 characters

cb warnings <member> - shows the current warnings for that member

cb unwarn <member> <warning numbers> - removes the warnings with specified numbers from the member.


After I made the warnings system, it was easy to base the todo system on it.

cb todo + <task> - adds the task to your list.

cb todo - displays your todo list.

cb todo - <task numbers> - removes the tasks with specified numbers from your todo list.

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