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This is a command documation!

There is a high chance that this is inaccurate and commands could have been added/removed.

Time of update: 12.12.2018 18:00 EET


  1. Show list of songs by using: m?play 'song name' or play a specified song: m?play 'url'
  2. Skip the current song by using: m?skip
  3. Stop playing the current song by using: m?stop
  4. Adjust the volume of current song by using: m?volume 'from 1-10'
  5. See what song is currently playing by using: m?np
  6. See a list of songs in the queue by using: m?queue
  7. Pause the current playing song by using: m?pause
  8. If a song is paused, you can resume it by using m?resume

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