Discraft is a minecraft themed bot! You can mine/chop/dig, craft unique tools, collect exotic materials or even travel to new dimensions!

Discraft Commands Prefix: 1 or @Discraft#0573 (customizable)

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Discraft is a bot centered around providing a rich minecraft experience on Discord.

  • You start with an axe, which you can chop wood with.

  • Buy and upgrade new tools for more resources.

  • Use new tools to mine, chop, and dig with!

  • Sell excess resources to buy insane unique tools.

  • Your inventory is full? No problem, buy a chest!

  • Daily Rewards!

  • Leaderboards for top money, levels, prestige and daily streak!

  • Join or create a clan to get boosts and sales!

  • Tavern and Enchantments!

  • Vote rewards including XP boosts, and free loot!

  • Dimensions, Trading and Prestige for infinite entertainment!

  • Bosses!

  • Multi-Language System!

Enjoy Discraft!