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Informations :

  • Language : EN / FR
  • Programming language : python 3.7
  • Database : PostgreSQL
  • Libraries : discord.py rewrite | asyncpg
  • Current version : 2.0.160 | Release
  • Last update : 15/04/2019 - 2:03 PM (GMT +1)

Quick guide :

Discord Ball Z is a Discord Game inspired of the Dragon Ball Universe.

In this game, collect iconic Dragon Ball characters, train them, fight powerful foes, trade your characters and ressources to get more powerful items, grind the ladder and become a Discord Ball Z Legend !

Quickstart :

To begin your adventure, use the start command. The supported prefixes are db and d!, so you can type dbstart or d!start to begin the adventure, you have the choice. Also, there is a smartphone-friendly variant of those prefixes :

  • Db for db
  • D! for d!

Just as following :

When you start your adventure, 10 Dragon stones are offered to you as well as 100,000 Zenis. The Zenis and the Dragon stones are your main ressources in the game, here is their utility :

  • Dragon stones : The Dragon stones allows you to summon a new character, summoning a new character adds it to your box (your characters inventory). Afterward, this character is yours, you could just train it, trade it or just sell it.
  • Zenis : The Zenis allows you to buy Dragon stones in the game shop.

Summon :

The summon feature is the best way (if you're lucky enough) to get new characters. To do it, just use the summon command.

Each week, a brand new portal is deployed in which you could get many different characters.

The power of a character is defined by its rarity. There is 6 different rarities in the game :

  • : Represents the Normal characters as it is the most common rarity in the game.
  • : Represents the Rare characters as it is rarer than the Normal rarity.
  • : Represents the Super Rare characters.
  • : Represents the Super Super Rare characters.
  • : Represents the Ultra Rare characters.
  • : Represents the Legendary characters, also the most powerful character in the game.

The Normal characters are the most common ones and the Legendary characters are the rarest ones.

A summon looks like that :

Moreover, if you've 50 Dragon stones or more, you could go for a Multi summon. The Multi summon works just like the normal summon but it does 10 summons at once.

If I want more informations about a character (such as its characteristics) I can pass its global id to the info command :

Box :

The summon adds the summoned character right into your Box (your characters inventory). To display your Box, just type the box command as following :

As you can see, the character that we summoned earlier is inside my Box (Yamcha).

But after my Multi summon, my Box looks more like that :

This tool is as useful as it is powerful, it will help you find any character that you own (most useful for the fight feature that we're going to talk about just after).

Fight :

(For the moment, the only PvE mode available is the training mode. The competitive ones will be deployed during the patch 2.1)

To select a fighter we need to use the fighter and box commands. I want the Yamcha I've summoned earlier to be my fighter, when I open my Box, I can see that the Yamcha's global id is #10.

To set my Yamcha as fighter, I need to pass his unique id to the fighter command. To find it, I'm going to open my Box at his page. To do that, I need to type this command : d!box id 10 just as following :

The argument id 10 means : "Please lovely box, show me all of my characters with the id #10".

Then, the Box shows me the id of my Yamcha (#84934), now I pass this unique id to the fighter command, just like that :

To check if Yamcha is my fighter, I just have to open my Profile and see. As following :

Under the "fighter" field, I can see the name of my fighter, its level and its current health points. There's also a countdown that tells me when the next auto-heal process will run.

Now, I need to crush my enemies' face, to that, I could call the fight {enemy level} command. The level of my enemy is generated thanks to the enemy level I passed as argument.

So if I type d!fight 1 I would enter in a fight against a level 1 enemy :

Now I'm in a fight. The following explains you how a fight works in Discord Ball Z :

In Discord Ball Z the fights are Turn based. At the beginning of each turn, the game will ask you for the action you want to perform :

After that you had selected an action to perform, your damages and those of your enemy are calculated :

But I see that my foe has a lot of HP (health points) and I'd need a more powerful attack than my Sequence to deafeat him ! Happily all of the characters have at least one Special attack !

The Special attack is a powerfull attack that requires a certain amount of Ki points to be performed ! All of the characters will begin a fight with 6 Ki points. To charge up my Ki in a fight, I need to select the Ki charge action (2.) to increase my Ki ammount :

After two turns, my Ki is finally filled up ! I can now use my Special attack (3.) !

As you can see, it deals slightly more damages than my Sequence attack. My foe is now defeated, I can get my rewards :

Hourly :

Each hour, new rewards are available for you with the hourly command. One hour after, you will have 1h59 to claim your rewards to get 1 combo point. The more combo points you have, the more rewards you get from your hourly :

Daily :

Come back everyday to get your rewards from the daily command :

Shop :

The shop will allow you to send your Zenis for Dragon stones :

I hope this Quick guide helped you in your understanding of this bot. For more informations, I invite you to use the help command or to join the Support Server !

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about 1 year ago

its offline



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12 months ago

what ladder means?and a 1000 stars game its the best!!


Ronflex Chill

23 days ago

This bot could be very good if I didn't have to wait 5 to 15 seconds to get the answer from the bot when I make a command and if it was less confusing, for now I recommend Dragon Ball OV which is faster and less confusing


Solar - ハルトキ

6 months ago

The bot have changed and become different from the guides up there and it's more confusing


Not Dorian

about 2 months ago

It wouldn't let me set my characters as fighters. I also had to come here to figure out what to do, the way the bot introduces its commands for the first time is almost null.




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