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Sharicite, Pheonix Down Edition

a logging bot that is very hard to tamper with


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Sharicite is a logging bot that is very hard to tamper with and very easy to use

The only setup required to use the bot is adding it to your server

this bot will log every message it sees and all the information for that message, including links to attachments if a user violates the rules then deletes a message and changes their username this will have their old username AND their current username

if you need to read the logs for a server incase someone is abusing power or breaking rules just DM the bot with shar!uploadlog [channel ID] and you will receive a uguu link for log files for the channel (and your tag+ID will be logged so that if your not the server owner the server owner can check, this can also be used for DMs with a user+the bot but if you do that its kinda sus)

also, rest assured, the messages my bot logs are NOT used to fuel any super AI

This bot only has admin perms so it can log all channels, if you want it to create "good channels and roles" you have the wrong bot, it is a logger, not a utility bot.


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