Multipurpose Discord bot with variety of functions, including embeds, suggestions and server administration

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Created By: Tonisko# 5799

AngryTurtle is a multipurpose bot created in Python. Bot contains loads of functions for everyone, as well as for server moderating.

Bot is hosted on reliable VPS service - online 24/7 with minimum downtime.

Commands for everyone

  • YouTube link playing
  • Radio playing from database with about 26,000 radios
  • Profile picture retrieving in PNG/GIF format
  • Basic user and server information
  • feedback system, and more!

Administration commands

  • Channel purging
  • Message sending and embed management
  • Welcoming and suggesting function
  • Emoji management
  • Logging system for messages and leaving/joining
  • Kick, ban, mute, unmute, warn, and more!

List of help commands

help, help embed, help voice