Rocket League United - Working hard to Unite Rocket League players. Under Development

Rocket League United - Working hard to Unite Rocket League players.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This bot is under continuous development, it is less than a 5 months old, please be aware things break from time to time but I am working hard on it!

Prefix: !rlu



Command Description Usage
Help This help message
!rlu help
Ping Just gets the average ping of the client and the message delay
!rlu ping
Info Lists the current stats of the bot, including Up Time, Cache & Memory usage and ping
!rlu info
Stats Gets stats for the requested user
!rlu stats
Overall Shows a player card with key stats
!rlu overall
Leaderboard Lists all currently tracked users in a leaderboard
!rlu leaderboard
Partner Suggests partners for you to play with based on rank and availability
!rlu partner
Add Steam ID Adds a username to the bot to get stats from. Replace steam_id with your actual Steam ID. If you are unsure as to what this is, just pass in the full link to your steam profile
!rlu add [steam_id]
Remove Steam ID Removes a username from the bot to get stats from
!rlu remove
Event Sets up events for users to react to so they can be notified. use
!rlu event help
for more info
!rlu event [action] [when] [description] [#channel]


Yes, I suck, I know. The leaderboard will show other users in the same server. I have blurred the other entries in my example, but you'll be able to see the other users.

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