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Added Custom prefix use ;changeprefix
Added calculation command use ;maths (anti-log and equations are not supported, rest everything is supported)
Edited ;autorole Now ;autorole is working properly. Use ;autorole help
Added Custom welcome\leave\dm messages use ;config, ;setwelcomemessage, ;setlogchannel, ;setdm and ;setleavemessage
Added a fun command ;ascii
Use ;help to see all the commands

Normal commands

1) botinfo - Gives the info of the bot 
2) avatar - gives the avatar of the mentioned user 
3) remind - Set a reminder to get notified later 
4) game - See the game my owner is making 
5) invite - Invite the sbot to your server 
6) emoji - Shows all the server's emoji if any 
7) time - Shows the time 
8) daily - Vote the bot and get dailies everyday
9) economy - Get list of commands for the economy system
10) google - Google search
11) level - See what's your level in the server
12) leaderboard - See who is on the top in your server.

Fun Commands

1) emojify - Emojifys a text 
2) hug
3) slap 
4) cuddle 
5) kiss 
6) pat 
7) feed 
8) tickle 
9) meme 
10) ratewaifu - Rate your waifu 
11) 8ball 
12) anime - Get info about an anime {Bot will take a little time to get data}
13) meme - shows random meme
14) music - Get list of commands for music
15) pokemon - Gives a simple info on the pokemon (Still in development)
16) ascii

Admin Commands

The commands for Admins only:

1) ban - Ban a user 
2) kick- Kick a user 
3) addrole - Adds the role to the mentioned user 
4) removerole - Removes the role from the mentioned user 
5) nick - change the nickname of other users 
6) autorole - Automatically give a user a role when the user joins 
7) clear - Clear messages 
8) say - use this command to make the bot say
 9) warn - warn a user 
10) poll - A simple poll command 
11) setupverification - The bot setup a system in which only the admin can verify the user who joins the server 
12) verify - Use this to verify the user 
13) disableverification - This command disable the system 
14) lock - Locks the channel in which this command is used. People will be able to see the message but not send a message 
15) unlock - Unlocks the channel in which this command is used.
16) idban - ban a user using the id
17) idunban - Unban a user using id
18) changeprefix - Change prefix of the bot
19) config - Check the configurations of your server
20) setlogchannel - Set the channel you want the bot to log messages when someone leaves or joins
21) setdm - set DM welcome message
22) setwelcomemessage - the name says everything
23) setleavemessage - the name says everything

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