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T Logi is a moderation based bot, but includes a variety of fun and useful commands!


Server Count

Here's what happens when bot joins server


There were 3 role's created, This doesnt need to be used but is recomended!


  • Manage Roles [!Addrole !Remrole]
  • Kick Members [!Kick !Mute !Warn !Tempmute !Unmute !Embed]
  • Change Nickname's [!Nick]
  • Manage Messages [!Clear]


  • Manage Roles [!Addrole !Remrole]
  • Kick Members [!Kick !Mute !Warn !Tempmute !Unmute !Embed]
  • Change Nickname's [!Nick]
  • Manage Messages [!Clear]

-- New

  • Ban Members [!Ban]


  • Manage Roles [!Addrole !Remrole]
  • Kick Members [!Kick !Mute !Warn !Tempmute !Unmute !Embed]
  • Change Nickname's [!Nick]
  • Manage Messages [!Clear]
  • Ban Members [!Ban]

-- New

  • Administrator [!Warnvaluedel !Level+/Level- !Money+/Money-] Channels There are 4 Channels created!


This is where Warn's Ban's Kick's are logged


This is where Report's are logged


This is where Errors are logged This is not required!


Every message in chat is stored here!

Please take note! None of these channels have set perms to view! This is up to you to set!

All Users:

!help Lists available commands

!invite Creates an invite link for the bot

!pinfo [@user] Shows a Users infomation

!report [@user] [reason] Reports a user

!coins Shows your current bank

!level Shows your current level

!pcoins Shows mentioned players coins


!kick [@user] [reason] Kicks the mentioned user

!mute [@user] Mutes the mentioned user

!unmute [@user] Unmutes the mentioned user

!ban [@user] [reason] Bans the mentioned user

!clear [ammount] Clears the amount of messages

!deletechannel [#channel] Deletes the mentioned channel

!deleterole [@rolel] Deletes the mentioned role

!addrole [@role] [@player] Adds mentioned role to mentioned User

!remrole [@role] [@player] Removes mentioned role to mentioned User

!embed [title] [message] Adds an embed Field

!warn [@user] [reason] Warns a user

!nick [@user] [Nickname] Changes users nickname


!warnvaluedel <@user> Deletes Users Warnings

!level+ <@user> [amount] Addes Levels to selected user

!level- <@user> [amount] Removes Levels to selected user

!money+ <@user> [amount] Addes coins to selected user

!money- <@user> [amount] Removes coins to selected user

Warning System: After 3 warnings the user is kicked After 6 warnings the user is banned

When a user joins a server it automatically adds the role [member]!

If there are any questions or bugs I need to know of, please contact me @discord! NoTolerance#1682

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