Waifu Bot. It has the most variety of characters. More than 68000 unique waifu.

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If the bot doesn't have sufficient privileges, it will tell you which privileges you need. These permissions: Embed Links, Read Messages, Read Message History, Send Messages, Manage Messages (optional), Add Reactions, Use External Emojis. setlang en (language sets default language is English) / setlang (one of the available languages is set details h command) There are more than 68000 characters available. If you add a character with p globalid (All characters below 110000 id was added.Random characters over 110000 id added. To add characters, you must find the ones that have not been added.), you will earn shop money and help with the development of the bot.(detail h command) main commands: h briefly describes all commands in general for help. With the shop command you can buy any character for money. (if you don't have the owner) details in the shop command. The numbers mentioned in the bot are myanimelist characters. (The number in the character link is also the global id.) Local ids are the order they are in the list. The bot p may respond slowly when adding characters with the globalid command p, because the character is added to the bot. Please report bugs. Waifu and husbando bot.