Kaguya boasts one of the most powerful and dynamic toolkits on the market. Logging, Music, osu!, Leveling, and 100+ other features.

Created By: Stage# 0001

Kaguya makes the perfect addition to any Discord server!

Kaguya keeps the users as well as server administrators in mind. Administrators will enjoy the logging features Kaguya offers, including the ability to recall content of deleted messages, compare edited message's content to the current message, and 10+ other log types, with many more to come soon. Admins can also filter specific words and phrases from being said in their server (this is a wildcard filter).

Members can enjoy kaguya's leveling and currency systems. Users can roll the dice and bet their points, give rep to other members, and even play Tic-Tac-Toe. Other games are soon to come, including games you can bet points with!

If you experience any issues with Kaguya, don't hesitate to reach out to me personally in the linked Kaguya Support server. New features are added all the time, and occasionally bugs will introduce themselves. I work very hard to fix bugs as fast as possible, while also adding high quality features.

Here is Kaguya's full command list along with a brief overview of what she is capable of.