10-Man Queues

A convenient way to queue up server members for CS:GO 10-mans, draft teams, draft maps, then play on PopFlash.

Created By: MeaL# 2501

10-Man Queues

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A Discord bot to manage and setup CS:GO games

This bot manages queues of CS:GO players who want to play with other Discord server members. It is complete with a queueing system, team drafter, map drafter and a link to a unique PopFlash lobby.


q!help - Display help menu

q!about - Display basic info about this bot

q!join - Join the queue

q!leave - Leave the queue

q!view - Display who is currently in the queue

q!remove <mention> - Remove the mentioned user from the queue (must have server kick perms)

q!empty - Empty the queue (must have server kick perms)

q!tdraft - Start (or restart) a team draft from the last popped queue

q!mdraft - Start (or restart) a map draft

q!popflash - Link the server's designated PopFlash lobby