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BB-8 is a multipurpose bot with audio, moderation, games and more


b! (customizable)
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The only Star Wars themed bot your server will need!

Some useful features:

Star Wars easter eggs throughout the bot such as b!uptime and b!now (while playing music

Advanced music player with the ability to save create your own playlists of any size and tons of other features including spotify support

Word to html Leveling system with customizable profile and rank cards, and conversion from mee6 level

html table div Get the lastest picture of space from Nasa with automatic posting of the astronomy picture of the day

replace text RPG style adventure game with customizable character sheet

html table div A logging system for your server that reports when anything changes (server joins, leaves, role changes, message deletions or edits

gibberish Duel your friends and climb to the top of the duels leaderboad

html table div Casino game with global economy system for use in games such as Adventure, Evolution and more

html table div Custom image-based welcome messages for new members

html table div Monopoly, Battleship, Minesweeper, Evolution, Hangman, Unbelievaboat style work, and tons of other fun games

html table div Image manipulation commands similar to NotSoBot

html table div and much more as new commands are added frequently...

New feature requests are always welcomed!

BB-8 will always be 100% free with no costs to end users and with as close to 24/7 uptime as possible

Once you've invited him use b!help to see all of this commands


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Fork of Red-DiscordBot v3. Link of the GitHub.
Thanks to them for base of this bot, and all the help to improve it and build upon it


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