Apex Tracker


An Apex Legends bot with SCRIMS and LFG. Detailed statistics about your Legends and information about the game mechanics and items.

Created By: ven# 7051

An Apex Legends bot. View highly detailed statistics about your profile on each major platform, as well as information about game mechanics and items.

Apex Commands:

a!stats <platform> <name> - returns player statistics.

a!legends - returns a list of the Apex Legends.

a!weapons - returns a list of the Apex weapons.

a!map - returns the Apex map, with loot regions highlighted.

a!tip - returns a random Apex tip.

a!lfg <platform> - assists you in finding a group within your server for a specified platform.

a!join <message> - sends a direct VC connection to the current channel, aimed at traditional LFG servers.

a!vote - returns the Discord Bot List vote page.

Scrim Commands:

a!scrim countdown <time:minutes> <message> - Creates an announcement which tags the configured role and sends a text countdown in the configured channel after the timer is up.

a!scrim announce <message> - Creates an announcement which tags the configured role without a countdown.

a!scrim start - Starts a scrim in the channel where the command is ran.

Bot Commands:

a!settings - configures settings for the Scrim command group.

a!ping - returns information about the bot's latency.

a!about - returns information about the bot.

a!feedback <message> - sends feedback to the bot owner.

a!bug <message> - sends a bug report to the bot owner.


Apex Tracker is not affiliated with Electronic Arts/Respawn Entertainment.
Apex Legend's logo is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts/Respawn Entertainment.

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