Profanity Blocker

Intelligent anti swear bot, comes with a pre-built and customizable filter for your server!

Profanity Blocker Discord Bot

The best anti swear bot checks what is sent in your server channels. No filling out stupid boxes with words that people can simply just bypass with .'s and variations and all that and removes unwanted language - giving you more time to focus on engaging your server and less on moderating. With Profanity Blocker, every piece of user-generated text is sent from your Discord server via the bot to our filtering system. It is scanned by our intelligent engine which scans English words for profane words.

Moderation features

  Paid Available
24/7   Yes
Text filtering Free Yes
URLs filtering Paid Yes
Email filtering Paid Yes
Image scanning Paid Yes
Muting members Free Yes
Mute evasion Free Yes
Banning members Free Yes
Auto assigning roles to new users Paid Yes

Simple Setup

To make use of our service that detects profane words, emails, phone numbers or URLs in your discord servers messages or images, simply follow these steps

Login here

Select a server

And you're done!

Paid features

Paid features includes full access to the Bot Control Panel with moderation and audit logs and statistics.
It must be purchased through a license.

A paid license gives you link, email and phone filtering, along with image text filtering for images sent by your users to check for profanity, emails and URLs (configurable).

Link/URL filtering

Email filtering

Phone number filtering

Free features

Free features include
profane language filtering
muting members
mute evasion (removes ALL their future messages and removes their reactions)
banning members
a special control panel with statistics about users who use profanity (
Paid features include: auto assigning roles to new users, email, phone and link filtering which must be purchased at

Please note

The bot requires the Manage Messages permission to be able to delete messages that our service has detected has Profanity in. Otherwise, it will be unable to delete them.

Bot Commands

pb!ban bans any members @'ed in this message.

pb!kick Kicks any members @'ed in this message.

pb!autoassign Automatically gives any new members an @'ed role - this requires use of the paid word filter.

pb!paidforfeatures Features that can be unlocked with a paid plan.

pb!outofboxmode Re-starts the tutorial that you get DMed when the bot joins the server.

pb!clear Clears x amount of messages.

pb!mute Mutes any members @'ed in this message.

pb!help Displays this help message.

pb!unmute Un-Mutes any members @'ed in this message.

pb!supportinvite Sends you an invite to the support server.

pb!ignoreme The bot will no longer filter your messages until you repeat this command.