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Crab Rave

Crab Rave allows you to start a personal rave anytime, anywhere.


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What is this?

Crab Rave was a meme bot I made an incredible amount of time ago. As of now and probably for as long as time will tell, this bot will be offline. I genuinely doubt I will resume development of this bot, but in the case I do, it will be posted here.

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Crab Rave

Legendary Meme Discord Bot

Are your voice channels boring? Without Crab Rave, of course they are! Crab Rave is the bot of your dreams. Start a personal rave anytime, anywhere.

Go to your server, jump into a voice channel, select a tune, and start raving!


  • c!help | View this list of commands.
  • c!rave | Starts a rave in a voice channel.
  • c!megalovania | Starts a more interesting rave.
  • c!bass | Starts a bass boosted rave.
  • c!reverse | Starts a backwards rave.
  • c!stop | Stops a rave. Horrible people only.
  • c!info | Boring bot client information.
  • Other secret rave commands. Can you find them?

Permissions Required:

  • Read Messages
  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Connect (VC)
  • Speak (VC)

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bro ive got no idea what this does


great bot! always improves the vc atmosphere! also great uptime!