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Send memes, view server information, get the latest Fortnite patches, do math, change people's nicknames, create channels and more

Created By: M4rkid# 3833

M4rkid Bot

This is the complete list of commands (always updated) of this bot.


m!ping >Returns delay value

m!textChannel {channelName} >Create a text channel with the name entered

m!categoryTextChannel {categoryID} {channelName} >Create a text channel in the inserted category that has the written name

m!voiceChannel {channelName} >Create a voice channel with the name entered

m!categoryVoiceChannel {categoryID} {channelName} >Create a voice channel in the inserted category that has the written name

m!serverInfo >Show server statistics

m!members >Indicates how many members are in the server

m!userInfo @{user} >Information about a user

m!roleInfo @{role} >Information about a role in the server

m!invite >Bot invitation

m!officialServer >Official bot server

m!link >Useful links of the bot

m!youtube >M4rkid YouTube channel

m!nick @{user} {new username} >Change the nickname of people in the server

m!addRole @{role} @{user} >Add the role to the tagged person

m!vote >Vote the bot

m!suggest {text} >Submit a suggest in the bot's Official server

m!roleCount >Number of roles that are in the server

m!givCreate #{channel} {message(optional)} >Create a Giveaway (only Admin)

m!givWinner #{channel} >Random winner on the server (only Admin)

m!current >Indicate how many servers the bot was added to

m!poll {number} #{channel} {text} >Create a poll with the reactions entered


m!serverIcon >Server image

m!random1 >Random number with 1 digit

m!random2 >Random number with 2 digits

m!random3 >Random number with 3 digits

m!random4 >Random number with 4 digits

m!random5 >Random number with 5 digits

m!block {text} >Create a code block

m!avatar @{user} >Send the profile picture of the mentioned person

m!hello >Greet the bot

m!rip >Rip image

m!coin >Flip a coin

m!google {text} >Search on Google

m!randomEmoji >Adds a reaction with a casual emoji

m!8ball {text} >Receive a random reply to your message

m!wasted >Wasted Immage

m!grade >Random vote from 1 to 10

m!randomUser >Random user on the server

m!battle >Play a battle

m!panda >Random Panda

m!meme >Send a random meme

m!emoji {emote} >Send a custom emoji on the server with the name entered

m!choose {item1} {item2} >The bot randomly chooses one of the two elements

m!textImage {text} >The bot sends an image with the message written after the command


m!add {number;number} >Addition

m!sub {number;number} >Subtraction

m!divide {number;number} >Division

m!multi {number;number} >Multiplication


m!work >Work to earn coins

m!profile >View your profile information

m!daily >Get the daily coins

m!give @{user} {coins} >Donate the coins inserted to the mentioned person

m!leaderboard >Ranking of coins in the server


m!fPatch >Last Fortnite patch

m!fDrop >A random place on the Fortnite map

m!fMap >Fortnite Map

m!fSeason >Image of Fortnite Season


m!crArena1 >Image of the arena 1

m!crArena2 >Image of the arena 2

m!crArena3 >Image of the arena 3

m!crArena4 >Image of the arena 4

m!crArena5 >Image of the arena 5

m!crArena6 >Image of the arena 6

m!crArena7 >Image of the arena 7

m!crArena8 >Image of the arena 8

m!crArena9 >Image of the arena 9


m!setMod {enable | disable} >Enable or disable moderation commands

m!kick @{user} >Expel the tagged person

m!ban @{user} >Banning the tagged person

m!clear {Number} >Delete the number of messages entered (maximum 100 at a time)

m!unban {UserName} >Remove the ban from a person

m!warn @{user} >Warn the user mentioned


m!setVerification <enable | disable> #{channel} @{role} >Set the only channel where you can use the command and the role you receive

m!verify >Who uses this command is verified


m!setTickets {enable | disable} >Enable or disables the ticket system on the server where the command is used

m!new >Open a new ticket

m!close >Close tickets


If you have any bugs, problems, simply join our support discord!

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