Fun, TruckersMP, Music, Radio, Moderation, and more!

Created By: Zonkie# 2020


ToolsBox is a bot that can do anything from playing radio stations, checking TruckersMP statistics, finding user and server info and much more.

Getting started

A list of all the commands can be found by doing tb.help.


Name Description Usage
tb.purge Clears the amount of messages from the channel tb.purge [1-100]
tb.support Sends the invite to the ToolsBox Support server tb.support
tb.invite Sends the invite to ToolsBox itself tb.invite
tb.info Finds out information about the mentioned users account tb.info [@User#1111]
tb.serverinfo Finds out information about the server you did the command in tb.serverinfo
tb.botinfo Shows some information about ToolsBox tb.botinfo
tb.uptime Shows how long the bot has been online for tb.uptime
tb.ping Shows the bots current ping tb.ping
tb.join Joins the command executors voice channel tb.join
tb.leave Leaves the command executors voice channel tb.leave
tb.stop Stops the current playing music tb.stop
tb.volume Changes the volume of the current playing music tb.volume [1-100]
tb.stations Sends a list of all the supported radio stations tb.stations
tb.viewffm Lets you view FreightFM's stats tb.viewffm
tb.viewtfm Lets you view TruckersFM's stats tb.viewtfm
tb.viewbrfm Lets you view BigRigFM's stats tb.viewbrfm
tb.viewtsfm Lets you view TruckSimFM's stats tb.viewtsfm
tb.viewsr Lets you view Simulator Radio's stats tb.viewsr
tb.servers Shows TruckersMP server status and the player count tb.tmpservers
tb.event Shows the next event listed on ets2c.com, and displays all the info tb.tmpevent


Click here to invite the bot, and click here to join the support server. Don't forget to vote for ToolsBox.