PUBGM Manager

A Discord bot that specifically designed for PUBG Mobile community. Now with TOURNAMENT FEATURES, TWITCH LIVE NOTIFICATION, & REACTION ROLE!

Created By: CLY# 6333

Meet PUBGM Manager

A Discord bot that specifically designed for PUBG Mobile community. Easy to use and with awesome User Interface! NOW with TOURNAMENT FEATURE!


Tournament/Scrim Features

This New features will help all PUBG Mobile Tournament/League/Scrim Organizer to manage the event. It's always our dream to be able to run such an event right from Discord. All the process pretty much done in Discord from the crew registration, show group available spot, showing the Match Result, Standings, and Stats. This feature also integrate with Google Sheetfor easy access to record the match right from Mobile Phone or PC. If you are event Organizer this tools is for you.
For details and  DEMO visit PUBGM Manager Support Server.
/crew: To show crew members for registration.
/register: For crew to register to the Tournament.
/accept: For Organizer to accept new crew registration.
/reject: For Organizer to reject new crew/solo registration.
/checkin: For Organizer to open group checkin.
/group: To show current Group Participants and Available Spot.
/match: To show match result and MVP of the match.
/standings: To show Standings and Best Crew and Players of the Group.
/cancel: To cancel crew from participants.
/newregistration: To delete all previous registration data for new registration.
/crew > /register > /accept > Match > inputing kills > /match > /standings

Twitch Live Notification

With Twitch Live Notification feature you can notify your community when a streamer a live or manually check the channel using /twitch [username]  


To set reaction role on message ID. Let your members get roles by reacting to a message.


Show PUBG Maps.


Show weapon information.


Show royal pass rewards.


Display player's Profile.


List of current season Pass Royal Missions.


Announce your Custom Room ID and Password in embed with COPY ROOM ID & PASSWORD button.


Announce your Custom Room ID, Password, Server, Game Mode, Team Mode, and Map in embed with COPY ROOM ID & PASSWORD button.


/time and /timein

Show your current time, @discordname's time based on his/her profile info, and current time for certain city/country.


Create polling up to 10 Options.


See user info.


Send announcement, feedback, quote, news, and more to the server.

/embed and /embedimage

Send custom embed message and image. Good for server information and rules.


Delete message.


Set custom prefix for your server.

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