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Meet Tournament Manager

A fully customizable Discord bot for your server that pack with a lot of features from Moderation to ability to run Tournament or Scrim right from your Discord server.


Tournament Features

This features will help all you as a Tournament/League/Scrim Organizer to manage the event right from Discord server so you can focus on your community.

The bot also integrate with Google Sheet API for server tournament data base for easy access to record and edit the match result right from Mobile Phone or PC.

What is the benefit for the Organizer?

The bot will help you with:

- Collecting team information (Registrant Information)
- Registration Process
- Automatically give Discord Group Role to the registrant
- Automatically print the team information to the dedicated server sheet
- Calculate the Points
- Show the Match Result, Bracket, or Standings
- Twitch Live Streaming Notification

What is the benefit for the Team/Participant can get?

With Tournament Manager they just need Discord for everything: Registration, Check the result, check the statistic, and communication. Team also can create team info on the system so they can use it anytime without need to type over and over again their team information every-time they want to join a Tournament or event.
Make them feels secure by not giving their personal information such as email and phone.

Tournament Commands:
/register : To register team tournament
/registersolo : To register solo tournament

Tournament Organizer Commands:
/accept : To accept registration
/reject : To reject registration
/cancel : To cancel accepted registrant
/group : To show group participants and available spot
/game : To show game or match result
/standings : To show overall standing
/bracket : To show bracket
/killrank : To show team or player data rank


Match Result



Signup Features

The registration feature is a simplified version of the Registration System in our Tournament Features. This feature is great for servers that need a fast registration system for Scrims or Casual Events. The bot also provides a special role for those who register using this feature.

Queue System Feature

/qjoi : To join the queue.

/qadd @discordname : To add @discorduser to the queue.

/qleave : To leave the queue.

/qremove @discordname : To remove @discorduser from the queue.

/qlist : To show players currently in the queue.

/qdraft : To start the team draft.

/qrandom : To start a random team draft.

/qempty : To empty the queue list.

/qlimit : To set a player queue limit.

Welcome Message Feature

Among Us Voice System Feature

Role Feature

/reactionrole : To set reaction role on message ID. Let your members get roles by reacting to a message.

/role : To give or remove role from discord user.

/massrole : To give or remove mass role to all human/bot/all in server.

/autorole : To set server autorole.

Clear Message Feature

Delete x amount of message.

Emoji Feature

To create custom emoji.

Settings Feature

/settings : To see server setting.

/channel : To set bot server default language.

/patron : See your patron server.

/unlock : To unlock Patron Features in server.

/lock : To lock Patron Features in server.

/setup : To setup Tournament server roles and channels.

Music Feature

Advance Music Player, Music Playlists (Powered by Spotify), 24/7 mode, Master Volume, Lyrics, and more!

Calendar Feature

/calendar : To show calendar

/availability : To create availability form

Suggestions Feature

Create suggestion system on your server with dedicate channel for easy logging

Reaction Pin Feature

Easiest way to pin a message using reaction on dedicated pin channel. Admin can choose the emoji to use and set a limit on how many reaction required to be pin.


Polling Feature

Create polling up to 10 Options.

Twitch Live & Youtube Feed and Live Notification

With Twitch Youtube Live Notification feature you can notify your community when a streamer or a youtuber go live or upload new video.

Embed Feature

Send custom embed message and image. Good for server information and rules.


Similar to embed feature but with preset format to send announcement, feedback, quote, news, and more to the server.


Display player's Profile.


Display Team Information.


Announce your Custom Room ID and Password in embed with COPY ROOM ID & PASSWORD button.

/time and /timein

Show user time, @discordname's time based on his/her profile info, and current time for certain city/country.

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7 months ago

would it be possible to add a feature that would help people schedule their matches? like store their timezones and bug them about availability times and stuff?



8 months ago

Hi, nice bot :) is possible lang french ?



8 months ago

Hi Nugga, the bot is available in French. Check /language for all available languages or you can join our Multi Language Project to bring more languages.


Hail The Plebs / Alexis

10 months ago

Very friendly bot, with a lot of features useful for Tournaments. And the staff on their discord is very helpful and nice ! This is a neat bot !



11 months ago

Summary: Clean, very user friendly and easy to adapt where needed Details: This is a very well built/coded/scripted bot, the creator seems very keen to drop updates and tweaks out here and there to make life easier for the bots users. Best part is he's very active in the support discord server so if you ever have a question he's usually not to far away and gets back to you with all the inform ...



11 months ago

Great bot! Their discord staff is very helpful! and if you have trouble setting up the bot, look at the discord which has video tutorials and gifs to help.



9 months ago

I've spent a long time looking for a bot like this. Pretty great and easy to use.





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