Botnetic is a feature rich Discord bot; that has features such as: Moderation, Roblox Groups Commands, Music, Configuration and much more!

Created By: Cartar# 2461

Welcome to Botnetic!

Things that you need to know:

Botnetic is a paid and recurring subscription.

Botnetic is heavily feature rich & customizable.

The support team at Botnetic will always be willing to help and will respond very quickly.


Botnetic - a Discord bot that provides an easy and fluid experience to manage a Roblox group from the comfort of a Discord channel.. Botnetic comes armed and loaded with a various amount of Management, Moderation and user friendly configuration commands.

Botnetic's Development team is always hard at work making new features and commands; and they'll always be looking for new suggestions, in the support server for new and incredibly thought of ideas.

Since nothing in this world is perfect, including us, you can imagine that Botnetic will have a few uncommon hitches here and there that's, why the Development Team takes pride in their speedy response times to fix errors and bugs to make the user experience the best it possibly can be.

Example of Commands

  • help

    Displays all the avaliable commands.

  • info

    Gives you the general information about the bot.

  • promote [@USER] or [ROBLOX USERNAME]

    Promotes the specified user by one rank.

  • demote [@USER] or [ROBLOX USERNAME]

    Demotes the specified user by one rank.

  • setrank [@USER] [RANK NAME]

    Sets the specified user's rank to the one specified.


    Kicks the specified user out of the group.

  • shout [MESSAGE]

    Shouts the specified message onto the group wall.

  • joinrequests (accept or decline) (ROBLOX USERNAME)

    Accept or decline a user from joining the group/show all join requests.

  • play [Song Name]

    Plays the specified song.

  • autobind

    Gives you the option to automatically re-create all the Roblox group roles in the Discord server and automatically bind them.

  • subgroups (-add, -remove, -list, -getranks, -autobind, -bind, -delbind)

    A subgroup will act like the main group; although you cannot use Roblox commands on it (such as: promote, demote, setrank and exile)

  • webhooks (setup, remove)

    Setup or remove custom webhooks for Botnetic.

To see more commands, join our support server and have a flick through our help menu.