Created By: SunSOG# 0972

What does Beycord have?

Collect all the Beys as they spawn and fill in your Beypedia!

Your own blader profile.

Intense Beyblade battles with your friends.

Gain EXPs as you chat and level yourself as well as your Beys to become stronger.

Is your enter key broken and you can't chat to gain EXPs? Not to worry, Beycord has a unique VC leveling system. Just join a voice channel, start talking (or screaming) and you'll gain EXPs as usual.

and much more such as construting your own Beys and showing your collection off!

How to begin with Beycord?

It's easy just follow the steps below.

  1. Type ;start.
  2. Follow what it tells you to do in the returned message.
  3. Done! You can begin your journey to become a Master Blader.
  4. For a list of commands, type ;help

(Beyblade is a spinning top toy produced by Takara Tomy, Hasbro, etc.)