Cephalon Mechka


A utility bot that is Warframe themed.

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

Cephalon Mechka is Created out of the Idea of having a Warframe themed bot with some utilitys build in. Currently the Bot is in Beta testing on a larger Server but i look for more Guilds to use it.

The entire bot is Modular, Dont like a Module? disable it. (Some core modules are excluded)

The bot Includes a Member counter Commands for looking up: Arbitrations, Sentient Outpost, Darvo Deals, Baro, WF Wiki and Riven prices Other commands: Memes, Random fact, Cat Fact, Dog Facts, Bird Facts For more informations run the help command or visit our Support Discord.

The bot Needs Permissions to Manage Messages for the LFG System. If these Functions are not needed the bot dont need special Permissions

---------------------------------------------------------How To´s---------------------------------------------

LFG Command: (Admin Only)

  1. Create a Channel for Posting the LFG requests (an existing one can be used but a dedicated one with no Write permissions make it look cleaner
  2. Run the Command *config lfgchannel #channel
  3. (Optional) you can Send a Notification in a other channel when a LFG request is made. Run config wfchannel #notification_channel
The Setup is now Complete. Users can create a LFG request by Running lfg and follow the questions the member get asked by the Bot (4steps)

Enable / Disable Modules: (Guild Owner Only)

Many Commands can be Enabled / Disabled with one Command. If you want to Enable or Disable it run *config command (true/false) You will get a Notification if the Module is Enabled or Disabled. (Some Core Modules cant be Disabled)

Set a Glyph code: (Guild Owner Only)

Run the command *config glyph (Glyphcode) If a User now runs the Glyph command the Bot will Answer with the Glyph

Change the prefix: (Guild Owner Only)

The Prefix of the Bot can be changed with running *config prefix (newprefix)

all settings can be displayed by running config

Detailed Informations can be found in the Changelogs added to the bot (*changelog)

Cephalon Mechka