Simon is here to save the day! Help your Admins with In-Depth Verified Logs on Users!

Created By: xeu100# 0001

The Simon Bot

Why is Simon good for my server?

Simon is an interactive security and general utility bot to help keep your server safe. We've introduced features that keep track of users, make management easy, and overall help create a better server experience. Continue reading on to see about each feature!

What is Simon's Security feature?

We have two big types of security, automated and well, not automated. Our automated security is setup via parameters you create for the purposes of eliminating those pesky spammers, advertisers, etc. efficently. Our normal security is more advanced, it includes your standard punishments along with verification and storing in a global database. We use that data, along with other factors, to generate a sort-of score called your MUI, which administrators can view.

What is Simon's Verification feature?

Everything that Simon has can be verified. Servers, Users, and Punishments are all included. Verification means that the specific item is unique, accurate, and detailed. Server verification is done by submitting your server to our review team, same with users. Punishments are reviewed by our moderation team and if sufficent evidence is attached, it gets verified! Verification is something you know is real, you can use this to see if something is valid. Verified punishments also affect your MUI score.

But why use Simon when other solutions exist?

Simon is a work-in-progress meaning not all of our features are present so this may change. Simon has the capacity to do more than security, but we really focus hard on making sure that Simon's security works WELL. We take everything seriously and we hope that it can help server owners be aware of their community. Data is our thing and we share it with you so that you can positively benefit the Discord environment.

Simon is in-progress so not all of our features may be working just quite yet.