A Basic Discord Bot Written In Nodejs (Discord.js)

AstroBot Commands Prefix: a!


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Commands Of Astro

[Use a!help for details]

Prefix [ a! ]

  • 8ball:: Gives you an answer for those essential questions
  • avatar:: Gets the avatar of a mentioned user
  • clear:: Deletes a specified amount of messages from a channel
  • coin:: Flips a coin
  • csgo:: Get csgo stats
  • dadjoke:: Get a random dad joke
  • dev:: A quick test to see if the bot is working
  • float:: Check the float of a CS:GO item
  • froulette:: A random drop picker for fortnite
  • help:: Returns This Page.
  • highlight:: Get the bot to use syntax highlighting
  • invite:: Get the invite link for help server
  • kick:: Kick a mentioned person from the server
  • love:: Test your love with this command
  • notice:: Be noticed by the bot
  • number:: get a random number between two values
  • ping:: Get a simple Pong response
  • rename:: Rename the bot to anything
  • roles:: Get all the roles of a server
  • speak:: Get the bot to say someting
  • userinfo:: Get the mentioned persons info