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SnailFM is not one of those silly usual music bots, This baby, plays wonderful music right off SnailFM (A music stream). Invite today!






SnailFM is a radio station, online on youtube. But.. the pain of talking to your friends and youtube in the background? It's horrible! So; Introducing SnailFM, a Music Bot that you can invite to your discord server and type fm!play and straight away, music will be filled into your voice chat live off the bat from SnailFM!

Why would I want this?

Instead of going to YouTube, you can just invite this bot, and listen to music in your discord server, with friends, or just yourself!

How good is the quality?

Very. Very. Good. If you encounter issues, please contact our staff.

How can I ask for help? In SnailDOS, we believe support should be easy to use, so hop into our discord server and ask for support.

Do I need to pay too use this? NO!! Of course not! You can just invite it, type fm!play and boom!

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