A bot that allows you to call phone numbers

Created By: aris# 0001

Call any number in the world with one command. DiscordDial offers to you and your friends the ability to call any phone number in the world.

Phone calls cost tokens, you can buy tokens using Paypal or Bitcoins.

With just 5 EUR you get 5000 tokens that will last for ~4.5 hours of calls to US numbers.

Or... you can complete surveys and offers to earn tokens! Visit this page to get started https://panel.discorddial.com/offers

The prefix for all the commands is the $ character. You can list the available commands by running $help.

Command Usage Description
$call (phone number) Call the target number
$dial (digits/#*) Presses the specific digits or characters in the active call
$speaker [<@user1><@user2>] Allows the specific users to talk in the active call
$hangup No args Terminates the active call
$info No args Shows information for the active call
$rates (country code/country name) Shows you the cost of the calls to that country
$balance No args Shows you how many tokens you have

Visit our website @ https://discorddial.com for more information.