Teammate Finder


A unique and easy LFG/LFT bot to find people to play games with!

Teammate Finder Commands Prefix: !


Created By: Starga# 0395

Do you have a server that has a LFT/LFG channel? Then this bot definitely will help your server.

Features and commands:

  • !lfg : "Looking for group" helps you find people to play a game with you
  • !help all: Sends you a DM that will shows you all of the help commands and catergories
  • Now, with the !lfg command there also needs to be commands after. Which are !lfg 'game''gamemode''rank''platform''region'

    Currently I only have 1 game, but plan to add more, the game is Rocket League and runs with the aliasas which is either 'rl' or 'rocketleague'

    Here's an example - if I was to use the command !lfg rl rankedduo champ1 pc eu, it would return something like this:

    Now, if someone wanted to join me, all they would have to do is click on the tick react, and it would return a message like this:

    The bot also sends a DM to the OP to let them know that someone has accepted to play with them.

    Another command that can be used is !lfg list 'game' but as currently there's only 1 game full updated, you'd have to type '!lfg list rl' which would return:

    This shows every gamemode, rank, platform and region that can be currently used within the command. If the OP doesn't include one of these, the bot will return an LFG but without the missing command, which makes it harder and less likely for someone to join

    I will be adding new games in the future such as PUBG, Fortnite and LoL, but just wanted to test the water to see how well this can go.