Unique & reliable giveaway bot with multiple giveaway settings: role requirement / message requirement / voice requirement / invite requirement / none. In addition to the giveaway settings include multiple misc features: blacklist role / bypass role / bonus role / giveaway adjustment / giveaway tracking / giveaway notification roles / giveaway winner roles.

1. Standard giveaways with no requirements to enter.

  • A simple giveaway - anyone can enter.

2. Giveaways with role requirement.
  • Participants must have the role you specify BEFORE they are able to react and enter the giveaway.
  • Bot will remove their reaction and send them a DM if the requirement is not met.
  • If the participant gets removed from the role, their entry will be revoked and they will be sent a DM.

3. Giveaways with message requirement.
  • Participants must send a specific amount of messages BEFORE they are able to react and enter the giveaway.
  • Bot will remove their reaction and send them a DM if the requirement is not met.
  • Giveaway staff can and should reset everyone's message count upon starting a new message requirement giveaway.
  • Members can use a command to keep track of their own messages and to see other users' messages.
  • Use the "topmessages" command to view the top 10 members with the most messages.

4. Giveaways with voice channel activity requirement.
  • Click here for more info.

5. Giveaways with invite requirement.
  • Click here for more info.

6. Maintain a 24/7 active chat with giveaway drops.
  • Click here for more info.

7. Some misc features include:
  • Blacklist role - this role is blacklisted from entering giveaways in your server.
  • Bypass role - this role bypasses all giveaway requirements and can enter any giveaway, unless blacklisted.
  • Bonus role - this role gets a specific amount of additional entries into giveaways.
  • Duration adjustment - if a giveaway is going to end too early/late, you can reduce/extend the duration without restarting the giveaway.
  • Lost track of your giveaways? Can't remember what a giveaway entails? The "viewgiveaways" and "viewgiveaway" command will help with that.
  • Automatically notify users of new giveaways with the giveaway notification roles.
  • Assign roles to giveaway winners with the giveaway winner roles.


  • If an entrant leaves your (the host's) server, they will be removed from the giveaway. This is a requirement added to every giveaway automatically.
  • If you are running a requirement giveaway, the bot will ALWAYS remove their entry and send a DM if they do not qualify.
  • The bot is fully customisable and unique, 100% free, and 110% stable.
  • The default prefix is an asterisk. Type the following for a list of commands: *help


In the unlikely event that the bot goes offline, the bot will be unable to monitor giveaways, thus allowing anyone to be able to bypass requirement giveaways; however, although their reaction will remain on the giveaway, their entry will not be valid and so they will not be rolled as a winner. Additionally, all entrants are checked before a winner is selected to ensure that the selected winner(s) are qualified.


You can view the premium features here.


You can view the planned features here.


You can invite the bot here.


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