Bot was made for playing music

Sotah Commands Prefix: s!

64 servers 1 shards

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Sotah Music Bot

Bot was made by eXecute Official, bot will be updated soon as posible if u have some problems with bot u can contact me,
Bot's Prefix is: s!

Bot's Commands:
s!play <music/url> - Plays the provided song
s!search - Searches Youtube for a provided music
s!skip - Skip the current song
s!volume [volume] - Shows the current volume of if entered arguments, changes volume
s!pause - Pauses the music playback
s!resume - Resumes the music playback
s!nowplaying - Shows the song that is currently playing
s!loop - Re-adds music to the queue when finished
s!lyrics - Shows the lyrics of the song
s!queue - Shows the current queue
s!shuffle - Shuffles songs you have added
s!stop - Stops the current song and clears the queue