PiBot™ "Retro" (v3.0) is here! With beautiful new features and much better performance!


PiBot brings you simple yet advanced moderation features which will be useful to any moderator in your server! These features range from the basic moderation commands such as ban, mute and warn to more advanced features such as logging images in the audit logs! Inviting PiBot will step up your servers moderation game!


PiBot brings you an inspirational leveling system featuring a beautiful rank card which is customisable with the all new PiBot VIP membership! The leveling system will help give your community some competition to compete up the leaderboard and make your server more active! So why not invite PiBot to get the benefits of this cool feature?


PiBot brings you an uncommon yet useful feature which will be useful for keeping backups of your servers from different dates! Maybe you want to go back to an older setup of your server or transfer your server to another guild completely? PiBot allows you to do that! So invite it for this amazing benefit!


PiBot brings you a new method of contacting our support team, just by simply sending a message to the bot in private messages, you will connect to our dedicated support team! A member will respond at their earliest convinience to resolve any problems you may have with PiBot. But you need PiBot in your server to do that, so invite it!

Basically... Invite PiBot or I will destroy your Minecraft world.