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Spotify Commands Prefix: sp! or mention

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Created By: Skullbite# 5245


Spotify takes the info from spotify and sends them straight to your at your request.

Command Description
support Sends a link to the support server.
lyrics Get the lyrics for a specific song.
search Searches for results in playlists, tracks, albums and artists.
play Plays a song from the given query. Now supports playlists!
resume If music is paused, it unpauses.
pause If music is playing, it pauses.
connect Joins the voice channel you're in.
skip Skips the current song.
np Show the current song.
queue Shows the next 10 songs in the queue.
stop Stop the music and exits the voice channel.
loop Loops the queue.
volume Changes the music volume. (Defualt: 45, Max: 100, Min: 10)
album Gets info on an album.
artist Gets info on an artist.
track Gets info on a track.
info Checks bot info.
shards Shows info on the bots shards.
vote Sends you to the vote page.
Music only plays from youtube.