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I'm Ava, an executive assistant here to help you moderate and manage your servers. Auto Role | Welcome Messages | Logs | Music | and more!


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Your Personal Executive Assistant

Stop looking for plain, boring, and lazy assistants and spice up your server with Ava.

Her features

Advanced Moderation

A wide range of moderation commands to manage and control your server.

Self-Assignable Roles

Allow users to add/remove roles without the presence of an admin.

Role/Channel Editor

Create, delete, and edit roles and channels using the advanced editor.

Server and Mod logs

Keep up to date with everything happening and changing in your server.


You've never seen utility like this before.


Enjoy high quality music without restrictions.


Have fun with a collection of entertainment commands. Keep suggesting more!


She might have sass but she'll learn and speak your native language.

And more!

Full command list

() = required arguments, [] = optional arguments

Informational Commands

Command Usage Description
ava ava Displays info about Ava.
credits credits Lists credits for the Ava project.
feedback feedback (message) Send feedback/suggestions about Ava.
guide guide [command] Displays a short guide for Ava.
help help [command] Lists Ava's commands or gets help with a command.
invite invite Hire Ava for your server!
language language Help Ava learn a new language!
ping pong! Replies back with a pong!
support support Sends a link to Ava's support server.
uptime uptime Shows Ava's uptime.
vote vote Vote for Ava on Top.GG!

Utility Commands

Command Usage Description
activity activity Displays the server's activity report.
avatar avatar [user] View a user's avatar.
boosters boosters Returns a list of nitro boosters.
channelinfo channelinfo [channel] Displays a channel's information.
cleanup cleanup Cleans up Ava's messages.
coffee coffee Buy me a coffee!
discrim discrim (#disc) Return a list of user(s) with the specified discriminator.
emotes emotes Displays the server's emotes.
hex hex (#hexcode) Sends a preview of the specified hex color.
iam iam (role) Adds you to the specified role. Role must be self-assignable.
iamnot iamnot (role) Removes you from the specified role. Role must be self-assignable.
icon icon Displays the server's icon.
perms perms [user] View a specified user's permissions.
reminder reminder (time) (message) Set a reminder for something.
roleinfo roleinfo role Displays a role's information.
seen seen (user) Shares when a user was last seen.
serverfeedback serverfeedback (feedback) Sends your feedback about the server!
serverinfo serverinfo Displays the server's information.
staff staff Returns a list of the server's staff members.
userinfo userinfo [user] Displays a user's information.

Social Commands

Command Usage Description
birthday birthday (mm/dd/yyyy) Sets your birthday.
profile profile [user] Displays a user's profile.
setprofile setprofile (setting) (value) Configurates your profile.

Entertainment Commands

Command Usage Description
eightball eightball (question) Ask the magic 8ball a question!
advice advice Asks Ava for some advice.
calculate calculate (mathematical expression) Evaluates a mathematical expression.
choose choose choice|choice|choice Lets Ava choose one of your given choices.
coinflip coinflip Flips a coin.
dice dice [2-100] Rolls a dice.
embed embed (message) Says whatever you wish in an embed.
love love (user) Lets Ava give you a love rating.
meme meme Ava's meme folder.
owoify owoify (message) Owoifies any given text.
poll poll (question) Starts a survey in chat.
portrait portrait Ava holds up a portrait of you! Voters Only
quote quote (message url) Quotes a message.
rate rate (content) Lets Ava rate something!
rps rps (choice) Plays a game of rock, paper, scissors.
say say (message) Says whatever you wish in chat.
selfie selfie Showcases artwork and fanart of Ava!
spoiler spoiler (message) Says whatever you want in an annoying spoiler form.
whiteboard whiteboard (message) Ava writes whatever you say on a whiteboard! Voters Only

Music Commands

Command Usage Description
bassboost bassboost (high|medium|low|off) Sets the bassboost level.
clear-filters clear-filters Clears the playback filters.
clear-queue clear-queue Clears the song queue.
forceskip forceskip Force skips the current song.
karaoke karaoke (on/off) Enable/Disable the Karaoke playback filter.
loop loop Toggles looping for the current playing song.
lyrics lyrics (song name) Displays lyrics for the given song.
nightcore nightcore (on/off) Enable/Disable the Nightcore playback filter.
np np Shows the currently playing song.
pause pause Pauses the current song.
pitch pitch (0-500) Adjusts the playback pitch.
play play (song/playlist) Plays a song or playlist for you.
queue queue Displays the server song queue.
resume resume Resumes the current song.
seek seek (time) Seek to a specific time in the current track.
skip skip Skips the current song.
slowed slowed (on/off) Enable/Disable the Slowed playback filter.
speed speed (0-500) Adjusts the playback speed.
stop stop Stops the music.
shuffle shuffle Shuffles the song queue.
tremolo tremolo (0-14) (0-100) Create a wavering effect in the musical tone.
vibrato vibrato (0-1.0) (0-100) Create a rapid and variated pitch in the music.
volume volume [0-100] Sets the music volume.

Moderation Commands

Command Usage Description
announce announce (subject) Initiates the announcer feature.
ban ban (user) [reason] Bans a user from the server.
clear-sanctions clear-sanctions (user) Clears a user's sanction records.
giverole giverole (user) (role) [reason] Assigns a user to a role.
invitations invitations Shows the list of server invites..
kick kick (user) [reason] Kicks a user from the server.
kickvc kickvc (user) [reason] Kicks a user from a voice channel.
lock lock (channel) [reason] | [time] Locks a channel preventing users from posting.
mute mute (user) [reason] | [time] Mutes a user.
nick nick (user) (nickname/reset) Changes a user's nickname.
purge purge (2-100) [user/images/links/bots/attachments/embeds] [user] Deletes X amount of messages from a channel.
reason reason (case#) (reason) Sets or changes the reason for a specific mod-log.
report report (message) Send a report about a user, issue, or other problem!
sanctions sanctions (user) Returns a list of the user's sanctions.
setwarns setwarns (kick/ban) (#/reset) Sets the limit of warnings before kick or ban.
slowmode slowmode (seconds) [reason] | [time] Adjusts the slowmode feature for a channel.
snipe snipe [channel] Snipes deleted messages from a channel.
softban softban (user) [reason] Bans and unbans a user.
takerole takerole (user) (role) [reason] Removes a user from a role.
unban unban (user) [reason] Unbans a user from a server.
unlock unlock (channel) [reason] Unlocks a channel allowing users to post.
unmute unmute (user) [reason] Unmutes a user.
warn warn (user) [reason] Warns a user.

Management Commands

Command Usage Description
addcommand addcommand (name) (response) Add a custom command.
autorole autorole (on/off) (role) Toggles the autorole plugin.
channels channels Returns a list of server channels.
createchannel createchannel Initates the channel creator.
createrole createrole Initates the role creator.
delcommand delcommand (name) Deletes a custom command.
deletechannel deletechannel [channel] Deletes a specified channel.
deleterole deleterole (role) Deletes a specified role.
editchannel editchannel (channel) (setting) [value] Configurates a channel.
editrole editrole (role) (setting) [value] Configurates a role.
goodbye goodbye (test/on/off) Toggles the goodbye plugin.
ignore ignore (channel) Toggles the use of commands in a channel.
members members Returns a list of server members.
muterole muterole [on/off] (role) Toggles the muterole for the mute plugin.
roles roles Returns a list of server roles.
selfroles selfroles (add/remove/list) [role] Adds/Removes role to/from self assignable roles.
setfeedback setfeedback (channel/off) Sets up the feedback channel for your server.
setlogs setlogs (channel) Sets the logging channel.
setmodlogs setmodlogs (channel) Sets the moderation logs channel.
setprefix setprefix (prefix) Sets the server prefix.
setreport setreport (channel/off) Sets up the report channel for your server.
settings settings Displays the server's configuration.
welcome welcome [test/on/off] Toggles the welcome plugin.

User Reviews


Based on 12 reviews


This is hands down on of the best discord bots I have used, mostly because it has autorole, music, and the fact that it is 100% free! No $5 a month or anything dumb like that. She has some pretty fun entertainment commands as well. Also the support team on the discord server is great! 11/10


Thanks a lot for your support Riftmon, we plan to always keep Ava 100% free for all our users.


This bot is great, it has features that are hard to find in some other bots. Along with that, the support team are great at, well, supporting people. I personally recommend this bot.


It means a lot to have supporters like you. Thank you Matthew for your kind words.


I really love this bot. I can't tell enough how much I love it. Thank you owner


Thanks for your super-duper kind words. I hope to live up to your expectations!

Eli ☆ shoto todoroki T^T

This bot is great I have the bot in every server it’s easy and it’s free and no premium this is my fav bot


Awe, thanks Elizabeth. I really appreciate the positive feedback. I hope to make Ava great for you and many others.


Love Ava! She´s a great Bot for my Server


Thanks for kind words Kapuze!


Ava caught my attention early on while she was in more of a development stage. Seeing Ava 'grow' in so many ways has been an awesome experience to take apart of! With users using the Feedback channel, it helps us also grow along with Ava ourselves! @Duane_ and @Lukas have been on top of all issues that users may come across and are quick to respond, along with the staff! Staff is easy to locate, and you will usually get a response within minutes of asking a question! - Amazing Devs - Amazing Staff - Outstanding Clients that are giving great feedback in order to help serve our Clients better You will NOT be disappointed when adding Ava to your server! I recommend this bot to anyone who loves running a server with ease:)


That was so endearing to read October_Rust, thank you so much for those kind words. We hope to grow with you along the way!


I still use Ava and its great! I have been using Ava for like 5 months. A request for a feature would be to add a leveling system as well since that would be nice and would keep my server members active. Keep up the Good Work! Also M3m0r. The command to get Ava to work is a! (Command). If you need Help DM me my Discord username is CreeperKaboomCGK#0652


Thanks for the amazing words! I will note down your suggestion for future editions.


Can someone help me how to use this bot? 😁


If you need help setting up, use the a!guide command.

saul <3
saul <3

I really love this bot, it really gets the job done without getting multiple other bots like I'm used to doing. But how do I set up the goodbye and hello thing in the same channel?


Thanks for the kind words. Just run the welcome/goodbye setup and set it to the same channel.


last seen or last spoke in userinfo would be amazing


You can just use the /seen command!


I have a question, I want users to be able to auto assign themselves roles, but is there a way to make sure they dont give themselves admin, or a role they shouldnt have such as mod?


You can use the a!selfroles command to set certain roles. Watch a gif using a!guide selfroles. Once set users can do a!iam (role) a!iamnot (role)