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The safest religion bot on Discord. Supports: Bible verses, Quran verses, Hadith and more. Maintained by the ZaytunHub team.


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ScriptureBot is the safest religion bot on Discord. The bot requires the least amount of bot permissions compared to every other religion bot on Discord, making it the safest and most reliable bot. It provides support for:

  • Finding verses from the Quran in over 35+ languages including: English, Arabic, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese, Turkish, Urdu, Russian and more
  • Finding authentic tafsir/explanations of the Quran in: English
  • Finding hadith/sayings of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) in: English
  • Finding verses from different Bible scriptures(New and Old Testament) in: English, Arabic, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese


The purpose of this bot is to help various communities access Quran and Hadith content(related to Islam and Muslims) and Bible content(related to Christians and Christianity).

The content provided by this bot is enabled by third-party APIs. We provide the content as-is available on those APIs.

For issues with translations or bugs with the bot, join our support server.

Maintained by the ZaytunHub team: https://www.zaytunhub.com

Command List

+quran - Single language display
+aquran - Arabic/Other-lang dual-display
+bible - Single language display
+biblebooks - Lists all the books within the Bible
+hadithbooks - Lists all Hadith books
+sources - Lists the sources used for Quran, Bible and Hadith
+help - this command
+vote - Provides a link to upvote the bot

Language Codes

  • quran/aquran: Support for over 35 languages have been added. ISO 639-2 2-letter codes are now supported too + existing 3-letter codes. Example codes: en/eng; de/deu/ger; fa/per/fas; tr/tur; zh/chi/zho

  • bible: Support for 6 languages currently. More to be added soon. eng = English; ara = Arabic; deu = German; fre = French; esp = Spanish; por = Portuguese

Example Commands

+quran eng 1:1
+quran por 5:2-8
+quran 1:4-6
+aquran 1:1
+aquran 1:4-6
+aquran deu 10:2
+aquran por 5:2-8
+bible Acts 3:17
+bible deu Genesis 1:1
+bible por Genesis 1:1-10
+hadith bukhari 1:2
+tafsir kathir 1:2
+tafsir maarif 2:5-8
+help quran
+help hadith


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