Mythical is a bot that you can play around with!

Mythical Commands Prefix: m.

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Hey there, I'm Mythical Bot.

I have some secret, cool, fun and moderation commands. Hope you like me.

Here's a list of my commands, say to see my help page.

And make sure to join my support server.

Using will bring up the following list...

--//Moderation Commands:

m.kick <@user> - Kicks a mentioned user

m.ban <@user> - Bans a mentioned user

m.purge <number of messages> - Purges amount of message(s)

--//Fun Commands: - Shows you how many minutes you have been flying for - Shows you how many minutes you have been dancing for

m.grade - Shows you how much you've got on a grade

m.dadjoke - Sends you a dad joke

m.woof - Sends a random dog picture

m.meow - Sends a random cat picture <message> - Gives you an achievement with your own text - Gives a random meme

m.say <message> - You can make the bot say whatever you want

--//Useful Commands:

m.serverinfo - Tells you the server info

m.userinfo <optional @user> - Tells you the mentioned user info (Updated)

m.avatar <optional @user> - Sends you your avatar or a mentioned user avatar

m.serveravatar - Sends you the server avatar

m.roleinfo <@role> - Shows the information of a role

m.afk - Makes you afk, when someone mentions you it will tell them you are afk

--//Bot Info Commands:

m.botinfo - Gives you the bot information (Moved to m.stats)

m.version - Gives you the current version of the bot

m.donate - Sends you the donation link to donate (it would help us if you donate)

m.botav - Sends you the bot avatar

m.invite - Gives you an invite link to invite the bot - Checks if you voted for mythical or not

m.stats - Tells you the stats of the bot

m.uptime - Gives you the uptime of the bot - Gives you the speed of the bot - Sends you a link to my support server

m.updates - Displays the latest updates to the bot

Make sure to join my support server to see any updates and if you have any questions you can directly ask my owners in my support server as well.