Selfbot Ninja


A discord bot that automatically kicks users that do not meet your account age requirement!

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

This bot was born from the need to solve the issue of too many self bots joining servers. Selfbot Ninja automatically kicks users that do not meet the account age that is set by your server.

$help – Show’s the help menu

$set channel #channel – sets the logging channel

$set age [7s(econds / m(inutes) / h(ours) / d(ays) / y(ears)] – sets the required account age to join a server

$config – shows your current configuration settings

$clear – clears your current config settings

Anywhere between 14-30 days account age will solve a lot of the issues with bots joining your server. You must also keep in mind that this may kick actual users, as it is based on account age. Also, "account age" is not the same as "user age". The account age is when they created the account, not when they were born! Join the support server if you have any more issues to report. Thanks for using our bot!

Created by: HurricaneDancer Owned by: Sarrilition