A bot dedicated to desire of Growtopia players.

Created By: Phemus# 6083

You can search item informations with their recipes + images
Moderation Commands
Check Growtopia server status, time, online players, World Of The Day
Create cards of what you buy/sell
Use animated emojis without Nitro
Render worlds

General Commands:

/stats : Check Growtopia Server Status, Time & WOTD
/info : Search item recipes or infos
/render : Showing specified world render
/vote : Create Vote
/psell : | <optional: Description> <optional: per>
/pbuy : | <optional: Description> <optional: per>
/invite : Invite Bot to your server
/meetup : View Forumers Meetup date
/sb : Send chat message using bot (Costs 500 Gems)
/ns : Nitro Speak Balloon for Official Server Nitro Boosters>

Game Commands:

/store : View Store
/donate : You will receive random amount of gems or not
/bfg : Work at BFG and earn some gems
/petbattle : Pet battle against a member, should have at least 200 gems
/balance : View your inventory
/top : View Leaderboard
/items : View items you own
/give : Give gems from your balance
/chest : Open Chest with cost of a WL