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Melody is a bot that allows you to listen to your favorite music, twitch streamers, and radio stations


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Melody team Giveaway

Hello users we are going to be doing a Xmas giveaway for Nitro and we are also going to do a Nitro giveaway for when Melody Discord server reaches 200 Members. Thought we would let you guys know if you would like the chance to win a free Nitro and of course allows us to give back to our amazing community. Thank you Melody Team.

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Hello and welcome to Melody. What is Melody you ask well Melody is a bot that allows you to listen to your favorite music on the fly whether it's on Spotify, SoundCloud, or Youtube, you can listen to it on demand.

Are you someone who likes to listen to a Radio station and chill out? well don't worry Melody has you covered we support up to 50+ Radio stations across the whole world all you have to do is, Pick one station and let Melody do the work.

Melody also supports Twitch so if you are in a game or just want to chill and you don't want to watch the stream but you want to listen to it while you play games or work on a project you can. It's so simple with Melody that you only need to type 1 command to make the magic happen.

The staff at Melody love to listen to the community and take all the feedback we are given. We take suggestions seriously so if you post a silly suggestion we will deny it right away as we want to make this bot work for everyone who needs an easy but unique bot for their server. We also check your suggestions every day and go through them and then the staff will decide if we want to add it or not and not depending on how much it will benefit Melody of course if we get more than like 5 suggestion for the same thing we will probably add it as people seem they want it added.

Do .help or -help to show a list of all commands.

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avatar of GiveMeGrapes
GiveMeGrapes 2 months ago

Love this bot, can't believe they give everything for free unlike the bigger bots, great staff support, and lovely community!


avatar of Bowu
Bowu 2 months ago

I've used this bot on my server with friends for so many hours. It's Spotify feature is absolutely wonderful!