Connect is a Discord economy bot! Based mostly on image generation, this bot has fun features, and lets you customize a profile!

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Created By: Coding# 0001

👋 Welcome to Connect Beta 🔰

Connect is a Discord economy bot for Discord Hackweek 2019! Based mostly on image generation, this bot has fun features, and lets you customize a profile using the experience you earn!

This bot uses Canvas, a npm.js package to create custom images for profiles!

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What I Learned

Connect was an awesome bot to work on! I learned a lot about image generation with the Canvas package, and how to make cool looking image-based profiles. I will use this knowlege to enhance my future projects!


Command Description
+help View all commands
+profile View your profile
+setup Setup your profile
+get (user mention) Get someone else's profile
+work Work a job and earn from 1xp - 300xp
+crime A chance at winning big! And going poor...
+gamble (xp) Gamble some experience
+shop Buy things to enhance your profile!


Want to self host this bot as an economy bot for your server? Look no further!

Step 1: Run `git clone https://github.com/tandpfun/Connect.git`
Step 2: Navigate to the index.js file, and scroll down to line 31
Step 3: Replace process.env.TOKEN with your bot's token in "'s
Step 4: Run `npm i`
Step 5: Run `node index.js`

Packages Used


This package makes connection between the bot host and the Discord API easier.


This package lets me generate images to make profiles and command responses!

To-Do List

  • [ ] Put generated images into embeds
  • [ ] Create Support Server
  • [x] Make Crime Command
  • [ ] Make Rob Command

Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to review my project!

~ @Codingpro#0001