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Edith Bot

Edith is a multipurpose discord bot that is written in discord.js, Edith has a wide range of commands, features, and modules.

Per Guild Settings

Edith has per server setting, so this means you can set custom settings. Custom: Prefix, User-Log channel, Welcome Message, GoodBye Message, enable/disable command and much more.

Moderation Logging

Set a moderation logging channel and enable the feature both using the config command and Edith will log all moderation actions and save them to the database where you can view.

Guild Backup

Yes, that is right, you can backup your guild settings, roles, and channels with their permission, and then load them into another guild. this feature is a work in progress to please report all bugs/errors

Reaction Role

The Reaction Role module is brand new to Edith and is in early testing stage, if you find a bug report it on our support server.

## Commands
Command Description Module Aliases Cooldown
help View a list of valid commands or view information for a specified command. Information h, commands 0s
Config Configures the specified setting or displays current server settings. Guild Settings configure 0s
enableCommand Enables the specified commands or displays currently enabled commands. Guild Settings enableCmd 0s
disableCommand Disables the specified commands or displays currently disabled commands. Guild Settings disableCmd 0s
resetModCaseNumber Resets the moderation case numbers back to 1. Guild Settings resetModCaseNumbers 0s
resetTicketCaseNumber Resets the ticket case numbers back to 1. Guild Settings resetTicketCaseNumbers 0s
reactionRoleAdd Adds a Reaction Role to my database. Guild Reaction 0s
reactionRoleRemove Removes a Reaction Role from my database. Guild Reaction 0s
backupGuild Backups a guild's server settings, icon, channels, roles, emojis, bans and more to my database Guild Backup guildBackup, saveGuild 0s
backupLoad Loads a guild's backup from my database into another guild. Guild Backup loadBackup, loadGuild 0s
backupRemove Remove a guild's backup from my database. Guild Backup backupDelete, removeBackup 0s
ban Bans the specified user from the guild. Moderation 0s
clear Clear upto 100 message from either everyone or a specified user. Moderation purge 0s
kick Kicks the specified user from the guild. Moderation 0s
unban Un bans the specified user from the guild. Moderation 0s
warn Warns the specified user. Moderation 0s
warns Get a list of warns for the specified use. Moderation listWarns 0s

If you have any ideas for commands, whether it's a new command or feature, or found bugs, join the support server and let us know.


To config Edith you just use the $config command.
$config <setting> <new_settings>
$config prefix %
> changes prefix for that guild.
$config userLogging
> enables userLogging.
$config welcomeMessage
> changes welcome message for that guild.
$config goodByeMessage
> changes goodbye message for that guild.
$config modLogging
> enables moderation logging
$config serverLogging
> enables server logging logging (eg: channel delete, message delete)
$config userLogging
> enables user logging logging

Current Features

Possible Bugs

If you find an exploit please don't abuse it. report it on our support server.

  • Server Backups
    • Save your server's layout including channels, emojis, roles, bans, permissions, server settings (eg: icon, akf channel)
  • Moderation Logging:
    • Log all Moderation actions to your desired channel!
  • Server Logging:
    • Log all Server actions such as role create/delete/update, channel create/delete/update, message delete/update and more to your desired channel
  • User Logging:
    • Log all user join/leaves. we like to keep it simple so user join and leave logs to one channel of your desire!
  • Reaction Role
    • Reaction role is brand new and fully functional with possible bug.

Features Coming Soon

- Temporary moderation actions, mutes, bans etc - Multi Language Support

Inviting Edith

[Discord Authorization Link](https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=594667108881661956&permissions=8&scope=bot)


**Owner and Developer:** Nightz#7233

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