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The Prefect Multi-Purpose Bot ,Security, Moderation, Economy, Leveling, Music, Ticket, Warning, Fun. All Behind One Prefix


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Why Keenbot?

  • An easy to use bot.
  • Every thing 100% free
  • Trusted and Verified by discord
  • Constantly Updated

About Keenbot

KeenBot is a Multi-Purpose discord bot that was created to make the Discord server more enjoyable and easier to manage as the bot contains many categories such as moderation, leveling , currency, games and more we have a lot of commands and we will add more.

  • Keenbot is only here to make you OWN BEST DISCORD SERVER!
  • Every thing you want behind one PREFIX
  • Developers updating keenbot every day to make KEENBOT do what ever you want.

Keenbot has

See all Categories Command Use =help < Categorie Name >
  • Backup Servers ♻️
  • Security System 🔰
  • Moderation System ⚒️
  • Warning System ⚠️
  • Fun Commands 🎳
  • Economy System 💸
  • Leveling System 🥇
  • Suggestions System 💭
  • Music System 🎵 Supporting (Spotify - Youtube)
  • GiveAway System 🎉 (Under Development)
  • Ticket System 🔖 (Under Development final touches)
  • Works 🧱 (Under Development)

And a lot of commands and things keenbot can do it are waiting you to test it

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