A bot that automatically posts hype streams.

Created By: farza# 2223

Kanga helps users find streams. But, the magic is that Kanga knows whats actually happening within the streamers game.

For example, here are some commands:

!kanga league pog - posts a league stream where the streamer is popping off in-game. !kanga fortnite late-game - posts a fortnite stream where the streamer is in the late game with less than 10 players. !kanga tft pog - posts a tft stream where the streamer has a bunch of class/origin combinations and is doing well.

Kanga also lets you customize a channel named "#kanga-streams" channel that lets you customize the types of streams you want Kanga to automatically post in the channel. For example, "!kanga streams-channel add-streamer loltyler1" will post a loltyler1's stream whenever he's popping off in game.