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Factory tycoon sim where you manage facilities, play the market, trade, vote for policies, and rule the economy, all while you idle!


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Welcome to Season 1!

Today is officially the start of the first ever IdleCorp season. Throughout the course of the season, you’ll be able to earn XP for your season pass to level it up and earn bonuses that last the entire season! Reincorporating will not reset your Pass XP or your Pass Level. In fact, each token you would normally get from reincorporating will now also give you 1,000 Pass XP! In addition to reincorporating, there will also be new daily challenges to help you level up your season pass. For those competitive corporations, there is now a leaderboard of the corporations with the highest Pass XP for this season. What are you waiting for? Use $$pass now to check out this season’s pass bonuses and $$daily to see your challenges!

Announcement Published

Idle tycoon game for your Discord server.

IdleCorp brings an idle economy sim game right into your Discord server. Manage your corporation's assets, discover new facilities to build, and assemble your corporate empire all from within your favorite Discord server! Best of all, it's an idle game, so you can play for as long or as short as you like.


Your corporation is an entity unique to your Discord account that can own and transact assets and build facilities. Capital is how much money you have access to for buying assets and building facilities. Net worth is calculated as a sum of your capital and the current value of your assets and facilities.

$$corporation [mention user] show information about a corporation aliases: [corporation, corp, c]

$$rebirth resets all of your progress and increases your reincorporation count aliases: [reincorporate, rebirth]

$$liquidate liquidate all facilities and assets (including land) in this server into capital aliases: [liquidate]

$$usetoken [operand] use a reincorporation token aliases: [usetoken]

$$capital get information about your current capital aliases: [capital, cap, money, balance, bal]

$$land displays the amount of land you have aliases: [land, l]


Assets are both resources used for production, as well as the products facilities can produce. Most assets can be sold for capital. The prices for assets are unique to each server and will change every hour. Assets can also be exported to other servers (usually if the price in another server is better) if you have a logistics center built on both servers. Exporting currently has a fee of 3.5% of the total value of goods exported relative to the destination server.

$$assets [page=1] information about your current assets aliases: [assets, asset, a]

$$price <asset> [amount=1] gets asset price aliases: [price, cost, value, val]

$$buy <asset> [amount=1] buy assets or land aliases: [buy]

$$sell(all) <asset> [amount=1] sell assets aliases: [sell, sellall, sellmax]

$$export(all) <guild id> <asset> [amount=1] exports your assets to other servers for a fee aliases: [export, exportall, exportmax]

$$examine <asset> examine an asset aliases: [examine, e]


Land is a special kind of asset that determines how many facilities you can build. Their price goes up the more land you already have. You can buy land the same way you buy other assets, but land cannot be sold.


Facilities are what produce assets for your corporation. Some facilities will require you to already own certain assets in order to produce their products.

$$facility [page=1] get information about your current facilities aliases: [facility, facilities, fac, facs, f]

$$facilitylist gets a list of facilities you can build aliases: [facilitylist, faclist]

$$build <facility> [amount=1] build a facility aliases: [build]

$$demolish(all) <facility> [amount=1] demolish your facilities to reclaim land aliases: [demolish, demo]

$$examine <facility> examine a facility aliases: [examine, e]


Each Discord server is its own region with its own resource concentrations which affect how fast your asset gathering facilities work. These resource concentrations are different in each region and will change every week.

$$region show information about the region you're in aliases: [region, r]

$$regioncode gets the region code of the current server aliases: [regioncode, rc, serverid, sid]

$$donateservice <service> <capital> Donate towards the construction of a regional service. aliases: [donateservice, contribservice, ds]

$$joinballot get your name on the ballot aliases: [joinballot]

$$ballot check the status of the ballot aliases: [ballot]

$$voteballot <mention user> vote for someone on the ballot aliases: [voteballot]

$$addpolicy <policy> adds a policy aliases: [addpolicy, enablepolicy, ap]

$$removepolicy <policy> removes a policy aliases: [removepolicy, disablepolicy, rp]

$$policies get the policies in this region aliases: [policies, pol]


With a research facility you can research for new technologies to improve your other facilities.

$$research performs and monitors research to discover blueprints aliases: [research, res]

$$blueprint <blueprint name> gets information on blueprint requirements aliases: [blueprint, bp]

$$develop <blueprint name> develops blueprints into usable technology aliases: [develop, dev]

$$install <technology name> installs a technology in this region aliases: [install, in]

$$uninstall <technology name> uninstalls a technology in this region aliases: [uninstall, unin, un]

$$upgrade <technology> upgrades a technology aliases: [upgrade]


$$name <name> change your corporation's name aliases: [name]

$$motto <your motto> sets your corporation's motto aliases: [motto]

$$leaderboards ['server'|'global'='global'] shows the top 10 corporations in terms of net worth in your server or globally aliases: [leaderboards, leaderboard, lb]

$$invite gets an invite link for IdleCorp to invite to your server aliases: [invite]

$$prefix <new prefix> changes the prefix IdleCorp looks for in your server aliases: [prefix]

$$help get help for IdleCorp commands aliases: [help]

$$tutorial shows a getting started guide aliases: [tutorial]

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