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Do you need a simple and multifunctional bot? Then Naomi is what you need!


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Naomi is a multifunctional bot designed to provide you with a large set of tools, economy, level and profile system, advanced moderation, punishment logging, roles by level, and more! After such a long time, we are finally ready to provide you with all this.

A big step for a small project.

After a long time, Naomi v4 is finally ready, which means that the project has only gotten better.

Keep track of user punishments using the special interface, create warning triggers (warn-triggers), use the music module to listen to music in high quality. The image processing module will allow you to perform simple image manipulations, and the entertainment category will provide some interesting features.

The economy, profiles and level system modules let you create roles that are given out when you reach a certain level, the role store allows you to put roles for sale, and with the leaderboard you can keep an eye on the most active users. As a server administrator, you'll be able to manage the balance of your members, as well as customize me specifically to your needs.

We support several localization languages (Russian, Ukrainian and English (US)) and also give you the ability to change the prefix, both server and personal.

In simple words, here's a list of our advantages:

  • A wide variety of tools
  • Logging system and automation
  • Warning triggers
  • Music
  • Image processing
  • Economics, Profiles & Levels
  • Customizable for you

And we also create our own projects that we publish to our organization on GitHub.

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