A MultiPurpose Bot Made by ZKaTeKAri.. 24/7 x Levelling x Currency x Ranking x Welcomer

Created By: Srrrrkant# 3621

A MultiPurpose Bot Made by ZKaTeKAri. Levels you up the more often you use the bot. x Currency Features coming soon. x auto response. x 24/7 online. x rare maintenances. x new features daily. x A simple bot x Economy

User : z!help

Bot :

(EMBED) Casual

  1. z!help - See this help
  2. z!invite - get bot invite
  3. !support - use this command in our server for help
  4. z!time - Shows the time


  1. z!say (message) - make the bot say something for ya
  2. z!cat (message) - Make cats say something
  3. z!roblox (game name) - Search for any game on ROBLOX
  4. z!dadjoke - boring daddy shit jokes
  5. z!google (Search Value) - Search For Anything On GOOGLE
  6. z!howgay - Shows How gay you are Nub


  1. z!server - Get server info Dm'ed to you privately
  2. hi - responds with HI
  3. hello - responds with HI
  4. yo - Swaggy HI

Bot stats

  1. z!ping - Get the Bot Latency
  2. z!stats - Get Bot Stats

Ranking System {NEW}

  1. z!coins - Get your level which increases the more you use the bot
  2. z!leaderboard - Get the server leaderboard