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Fluent Commands Prefix: . (Can be changed)

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Created By: God# 9936

Well, the Fluent bot was first Music Bot. Later on, God (it's owner) decided to move it to Casino Bot. There are multiple fun commands that you can use, and your members as well. Fluent Bot is Multi Language (English & Balkanian only at the moment), but we're having in plan adding more languages. All of the commands can be checked at our website http://fluentbot.xyz

How to setup the casino bot:

  1. Invite the bot.
  2. Make a new channel for bot (or you can already have existing one).
  3. Use .setcasino in channel you want Casino to work.
  4. You can change it's language to Balkanian if you want by using .language
  5. You can change prefix if you want by using .prefix
  6. Have fun with your members

Enjoy folks in this awesome bot! It's free and will stay! :)

Also, here are commands: http://fluentbot.xyz (You need to scroll down a bit when you're on website)

.prefix [new prefix] - Choose new prefix you want to use for commands. .setcasino - Casino will only work in the channel where you wrote this command. .language - Change the Bot's language to Balkan.