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Auto detects, removes, and prevents spam bot accounts from joining!




Bot Blocker had to be shut down for a while due to a lack of funding. But now we have a cheaper host and can hopefully continue to run it there. I got some main function running again which should be enough for now. Currently, it has all its basic commands plus... Blacklisted names - Bot will kick users from the server that have blacklisted names (will warn staff in mod logs if the user cannot be kicked) Blacklist words - Bot will delete any messages that contain blacklisted words/phrases (will warn staff in mod logs if the message cannot be deleted) Auto bot detection - Will auto-ban any users that are already known to be spam/bot accounts (will warn staff in mod logs if the user cannot be banned). This one only works with already known bot accounts for now. Future updates will improve this system. Staff exclusion - Bot will ignore members with the set staff role. Some future plans I have for the bot include... Peer-to-Peer protection - If another server bans or kicks a user, Bot Blocker will keep track of the punishment including the reasons so you will know what kind of people are joining your server. Server protection level - Set your own severity of protection. This will determine how seriously the bot will take situations and decide how the bot will handle users who break rules. Anti-spam - Prevent users from spamming your text channels. Anti raid - Recognize when a raid is taking place and remove raid members. This is something I already had integrated but it didn't perfectly so this is off for now. Anti IP grabber links - Bot will break open any links sent in your server and make sure there are no IP grabbers. If there are, the message will be deleted and sent to mod logs. Anti-crash images - Bot will delete any messages that contain an image that crashes Discord. There are many more things I want to do but this is what I got for now. If there is anything you want to see done for the bot, please leave it in our suggestion channel in our server so I can check it out!


Bot Blocker

Tired of those spam bot accounts joining your server and advertising malicious links?

This bot detects links that are known to be malicious and prompt this "user" with a verification test. If this said user fails to verify that they are indeed human, their account will be banned and listed in our database as a "Spam Bot Account"!

This helps other users that use the bot because if a user is banned in one server by our bot, they are now banned from joining any other servers that this bot is in. Thus slowly but surely removing these nasty spam accounts from infecting our lovely Discord servers!

How to start

Simply just use the //protection command to turn server protection on or off

First, we should set a staff role. This will be the one role in the server that Bot Blocker will ignore. You can do this with the //staffRole command. Use //help staffRole or //help sr to see an example of using this command.

It would also be a good idea to set up a logging channel for the bot. Use the //logChannel command to set the channel in which the bot will log all security details. //help logChannel for an example.

Next, let's try adding some blacklisted names to your server. Try using the //names command to add a word or phrase you don't want any user's to have in their name. If a user does, the bot will kick them and log it into the set logging channel.

How about adding some blacklisted words in chat? You can add words or phrases to the //words list for the bot to watch out for in your text channels. Any messages containing these words will be deleted and logged.

If the bot cannot take action against a user for any reason, the bot will still log the user and reason in the logging channel for staff to take care of

You have the basics down now! Don't be shy to ask for help in the support server if you need it.

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