An amazing economy bot that includes baking, level ups, and many more!

Cookie 🍪

Looking for an amazing economy bot based off of baking cookies? Well, here is Cookie a new economy Discord Bot coming your way, you can have fun with friends, family and Discord Members! Here are some of Cookies features:

  • 8 different types of cookies!
  • You can create clans to keep up with friends and fight against other clans!
  • Users and team upgrades to get a higher advantage over others!
  • 6 different types of leaderboards bot-wide!
  • 13 different types of ovens within the bot!
  • Customizable server prefixes!

Cookie is fully not developed and still is in the works, we have many features coming such as Cookie Premium and many more! Discord Support Server is coming very soon, so stay posted.


(Use $help for an up-to-date version)

Command Description Permission
invite Links to add Cookie Baker to your server and to join the official Cookie Baker server. None
prefix (newPrefix) Configures the prefix in your server. None
vote Links to vote for Cookie Baker on DiscordBots. None
donate Links to donate to Cookie. None
changelog Shows the recent bot updates. None
botrules Shows the rules for the bot. None
start Creates a Cookie Baker account. None
bake Bakes some delicious cookies. None
inv Displays your inventory. None
sell (all/type) [all/count] Sells your cookies for money. None
top (mone/level/clans/cookies/donations/prestige) Displays the top users in a category. None
shop (ovens/upgrades) Displays a specified shop. None
buy (shop) (name) Buys a specific item from the specified shop. None
oven (oven) Shows the ovens you own, and switches your currently equipped oven. None
transfer (user) (type) (ammount) Transfers cookies or money to another user. None
crates Displays the crates you own. None
open (carte) Opens a crate. None
prestige Shows prestige info. None
clan info Shows info about a clan. None
clan create Creates a clan. None
clan join Joins a clan. None
clan leave Leaves your clan. None
clan invite Invites a user to your clan. None
clan kick Kicks a user out of your clan. None
clan officer Promotes a member of your clan to officer. None
clan shop Displays purchasable clan upgrades. None
clan buy Buys an upgrade from the clan shop. None
clan config Configures your clan. None
ustats Shows in-depth statistics of your account. (Donator Command) None