An amazing economy bot that includes baking, level ups, and many more!

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Cookie 🍪

Looking for an amazing economy bot based off of baking cookies? Well, here is Cookie a new economy Discord Bot coming your way, you can have fun with friends, family and Discord Members! Here are some of Cookies features:

  • There are 7 different types of unique Cookies within the Cookie economy.
  • You can create an amazing clan for the price of $1,000,000 to play with friends and fight against other clans to reach the #1 spot within the bot.
  • You may buy user upgrades to make your progress within the bot further, you can also get clan upgrades to get to the #1 stop faster.
  • We have 6 different kinds of unique leaderboards bot-wide so that you can see who is passing you or not.
  • There are 14 different unique types of ovens within the bot community to buy and get more cookies for your progress.
  • We have an amazing feature to custom your server prefixes, just in case if some other bot does not have this feature and uses the $ prefix.

Welcome to the Cookie Bot. We are an amazing economy bot that includes baking, level-ups, and many more! Please check out our Discord Server and our Discord Bot out, I hope you enjoy baking away.


Please use $help or $help (commandName) to see all of the commands.