Prolab can do all the things you want in one single bot!


Moderation commands:

!cprefix - changing the prefix

!kick {member} - kick someone

!ban {member} - ban someone

!setwelcome {welcome message} - cahnges the welcome message to the channel that the message sent in, and the welcome message. you can use %member% to mention the member joined and %server% for the server name

!setautorole {role}- setting the role mentioned to the role members getting when joining the server. note: don't work when verify is on.

!nuke - deleteing all messages in a room.

!activatepremium - activate premium to the server, so you be able to use premium and music commands!

!cprefix - changing the prefix

!activatepremium - activate premium to the server, so you be able to use premium and music commands!

!warn - warn someone

!purge- purge delete a amount of messages

!nick- changes a nickname to a user

!giveaway [time in seconds] [prize name]- Starting a giveaway

!end- ending the running giveaway

!reroll- picking a new winner for a eneded giveaway.

!togglemembercount- toggle off/on the member count feature.

!togglesenderr- toggles if to send permission errors or other errors the DM channel of the owner
Use THIS if one or more of the commands not working, then try them one more time and then check the server owner's DMs

Information Commands:

!whois - show a user information

!serverinfo - show a server info

prefix- sending you back the prefix

!say - saying something through the bot.

!crypto - show current BTC / ETH price

!invites - check your invites (captured automaticly from when the bot joins the server)

!instagram - get you a information about a instagram user

!fortnite - gives you the stats of a fortnite user

!warnings - check how many warnings a user have

!ping - checking the bot ping

!avatar - send you the avatar of someone.

Premium commands:

!toggleverify - turns on / off the re-captcha verify system.

!embed - say a message as embed

!verifyrole- setting the role users getting when they are getting verified in the website.

!welcomeembed - setting the welcome to be embed or not

Music commands (Premium):

!play [song name]: - playing a song selected

!skip - if user has Adminisrator the song automaticlly skipped. if user has no Administrator, half of the users in the room need to vote for skip.

!stop - the bot stop the song, and leave the voice chat

Blacklist commands:

!bladd - add a word the server's blacklist

!blremove- removes a word from the server's blacklist

!blshow- show the current server's blacklist.

Fun commands:

!howgay - telling you how gay you are

!penis - showing you your penis size

!memeify - memeifiyng your text

!piramide - sending you a pirmaide with the word specified

!ascii - making your text into a ascii art

!yomamma - giving you a yomamma joke

!pepes - giving you a random pepe

!hug - hug someone

!spit - Spit on someone

!roar- Roar on someone

!slap- Slap To someone

Blacklist commands:

!bladd - add a word the server's blacklist.

!blremove- removes a word from the server's blacklist.

!blshow- show the current server's blacklist.

Server Management:

!addrole [member] [role name,id or mention]- add a role to someone.

!toggleremovelinks- Toggle the remove links option.

!toggleremoveinvites- Toggle the remove Invites option.

Esports Commands:

!scrim [code] [mode] [rules] - start a scrim.


Recaptcha Verification-Premium

Moderation Commands

Premium Support-Premium

Basic Commands

Music Bot-Premium

Welcome Message

Advanced Commands-Premium


Automatic Invite Capture

Blacklist system

Warning system

Social information commands