Created By: Ryan6578# 2512


A Discord bot that brings gamers together on the games they love

Matchmaker is a LFG Discord bot. No, he's not a dating guru who will help you find your waifu. Sorry to disappoint.

Users can join the queue as either a player or a host and get matched with other people playing the same games as them. From hardcode competitive gamers to meeting new friends - whatever you're looking for, we've got it. We match players from around the Discord universe, making it easy to find new friends all over the world that share the same game interests as you.


What Matchmaker has to offer

Curated List of Games

Choose to queue from a hand-picked list of games. This keeps service quality high and queue times low.

Play with Friends

You don't have to go it alone. Queue with friends from your Discord and find people to make the perfect party.

Block List

Got matched with a troll? No sweat. Add them to your block list and *POOF* you never see them again.


We'll take care of the clean up and automatically remove people we invite to keep things spiffy.